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Viewpoint: Tackling the mental health pandemic requires society… : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: mental health, COVID-19, quarantine Many publications, including Psychiatric time and American scientist, have published articles over the past year about the mental health pandemic accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. This terminology got me thinking. I wondered if there really was a mental health pandemic or if people rightly felt more overwhelmed by an international public […]

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Reunion seeks inspiration for new Scott Hall mural – News from the School of Medicine

A partnership task force of faculty from Wayne State University School of Medicine and the university’s College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts is seeking contributions for a new mural to be painted outside Scott Hall. The goal of the project is to integrate the arts and humanities into the School of Medicine community and […]

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Viewpoint: The Rise and Fall of Emergency Medicine : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: EM history, ED management, EM jobs Doctors had few useful treatments centuries ago. They could do a few things, but most importantly they understood the path of illness, predicted the outcome of a problem, and summoned friendly spirits, such as leeches, and sometimes a herbal remedy to help those in pain. A doctor couldn’t […]

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News : CONS: HINTS exam not ready for prime time : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: TIPS, vertigo Figure The HINTS exam, first reported in 2009, has been touted as a tool that can help us identify patients with central vertigo without the need for advanced imaging. (Stroke. 2009;40[11]:3504; The results of this study seemed promising at first glance, but closer examination revealed concerns about the applicability of this […]

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Emergentology: Depersonalization, Emotional Exhaustion, Burning…: Emergency medicine news

Figure: EP life, mental health, well-being Figure About 20 minutes into my shift, I struggled to find a place to sit and place orders. Or even stand up and place orders. The emergency room was crowded. The hospital upstairs was completely full. PE colleagues stayed after their shifts ended, recording and summarizing, disconnecting and arranging […]

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Q&A with John Wolf | News from the Department of Medicine

Q: How long have you worked in the Department of Medicine? What has changed throughout your stay here? I joined the Office of the Chair in August 1997 (24+ years old). Many things have changed. The number of faculty has increased dramatically (particularly in primary care and hospital medicine) from less than 200 to now […]

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Overview of internal medicine news (20/10/21)

AnnMarie Liapakis honored as transplant ‘superhero’ AnnMarie Liapakis, MD , associate professor of medicine (digestive diseases) and surgery (transplantation); and Medical Director, Living Donor Liver Transplantation, is honored Nov. 18 by Donate Life Connecticut at a virtual gala honoring transplant “superheroes.” Liapakis has worked in the liver transplant program at Yale since 2012, evaluating and […]

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Life in Emergistan: They just need help : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: mental health, life EP, EMTALA Figure Angry, loud and profane, the young woman was brought in by the police in handcuffs and chains. She had been out of control (as she so often was) and was causing destruction at home. She had made a passing reference to self-harm in the throes of her […]

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POV: Give me regular procedure, not bottled water : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: contract management, ACEP I first heard of the American College of Emergency Physicians as an emergency medicine resident nearly 30 years ago. The organization has been and still is extremely helpful in establishing emergency medicine as a specialty, providing policies and guidelines to improve and standardize the way it is practiced. I also enjoyed […]

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John Romano, student at TH Chan School of Medicine, named Pisacano Fellow

John Romano, a fourth-year medical student at the TH Chan School of Medicine at UMass Chan Medical School, has been named the 2021 Pisacano Fellow. This award recognizes outstanding medical students who are committed to entering the field of family medicine. Recipients receive up to $ 28,000 each from the Pisacano Leadership Foundation, Inc. Applicants […]

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Students aim to level the playing field for accessing medical courses

Medical students are using social media and their own experiences to help make the path to medical study in Ireland a more equal playing field. “Access Med” aims to make entry into medical studies more accessible, with a comprehensive series of lectures and resources, all completely free and available online primarily through Zoom, Instagram and […]

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Viewpoint: CAPE must approve resolutions to break CMG strategy… : Emergency Medicine News

ACEP 2021, contract management: A slide from a presentation by Aisha T. Terry MD, MPH, at the ACEP Reimbursement & Coding 2021 Conference, January 2021. Figure Figure The Board of the American College of Emergency Physicians must act quickly and decisively at the 2021 Scientific Assembly by adopting, in their entirety, resolutions 29 and 44. […]

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Life in Emergistan: A Letter to Dear John : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: EP life, friendship, academic EM Figure Dear John, I see you’ve asked our residency list server for advice on returning to college practice. I haven’t been in the world of academic emergency medicine for long, but I have a few suggestions based on my memories and contact with academics that might help you […]

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Emergentology: Goodbye for now : Emergency Medicine News

Figure: EP life, COVID-19, burnout Figure I’m eight days late writing this column. I don’t have much to say at the moment. (Strike that out. I have a lot to say, ask my colleagues.) But none of this is more productive. I’ve been writing this column for 10 years, if you can believe it. […]