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New student relaxation area opens at Scott Hall – School of Medicine News

Medical students have a new space to study and relax at Wayne State University School of Medicine. The new Student Relaxation Area, located in Room 1328 on the first floor of Scott Hall, opened for medical students on January 5. The room, adjoining the cafeteria, is reserved for medical students. It is available seven days […]

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Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service optimizes health care

Daily archive photo by Nathan Richards Searle Room. Northwestern University Health Clinic and Sports Medicine launched Northwestern Medicine Student Health Services last month to improve student access to health services. The Northwestern University Health Services Clinic and Sports Medicine launched the Northwestern Medicine Student Health Service last month to improve student access to the health […]

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Post-It Pearls: Observing Patients With Biphasic Anaphylaxis: Emergency Medicine News

Figure: biphasic anaphylaxis, epinephrine Figure How long do you observe emergency department patients with anaphylaxis for a recurrent episode (biphasic anaphylaxis)? This phenomenon occurs in about five percent of patients and can occur at any time during the first 72 hours. The answer is not clear, but experts generally agree on the higher risk predictors […]

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Bradycardia: Assume cardiac cause until proven guilty: Emergency Medicine News

ECG, GERD, retrosternal burn, catheterization: Image 1. The patient’s first ECG taken during triage. Figure A man in his mid-fifties with no medical history presented to hospital with about an hour of retrosternal burn that improved but did not resolve after taking famotidine. The pain had started while he was lying down after eating pizza, […]

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Diversity Matters: A Simulation Case Exploring Racial Equity …: Emergency Medicine News

Figure: simulation, racial equity, social EM Figure Simulation has become an educational gold standard in emergency medicine. The beauty of it is that EPs get the full Danger Room experience, an unbridled opportunity to rehearse critical skill sets in a low impact environment. PEs can gain confidence through repetition and episodes of constructive commentary for […]

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What’s Below: An Ode To Droperidol: Emergency Medicine News

Figure: droperidol, sedation Figure Few drugs blackmail me like droperidol. It is a superb and unmatched tool in our pharmaceutical hangar. It’s a sophisticated instrument, a targeted dart, a brilliant medicine to take control of a patient with agitated delirium. The sedation of very excited and dangerous patients is always heavy. As a procedure, it […]

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News: EP blocked when insurer goes bankrupt: Emergency Medicine News

Figure: malpractice insurance, bankruptcy Connecticut emergency physician Eric Salk, MD, MPH, received a distressing notification in March 2021. The Emergency Physicians Insurance Exchange Risk Retention Group (EPIX RRG) had been placed in rehab in Vermont where he was domiciled. ( The 60-year-old emergency physician, who served as medical director and president of his emergency department […]

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Letter to the Editor: Undifferentiated Agitation is Different …: Emergency Medicine News

Editor: It appears that a psychiatrist and an anesthesiologist are looking into the suitability of drugs administered by EMS to control undifferentiated agitation in a patient at the scene. (“Death of Black Man Prompts Reanalysis of ExDS”, REM. 2021; 43[10]: 1; I am amazed that the psychiatrist said, “As psychiatrists, dealing with those who […]

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Clinical Pearl: ‘Positive’ Symptoms May Be Acute Stroke: Emergency Medicine News

Figure: positive symptoms, acute stroke BY EMEDHOME.COM It is commonly accepted that TIAs and strokes generally exhibit “negative” symptoms while imitators (eg, migraine, seizures) generally exhibit “positive” symptoms. Doctors should be aware, however, that “positive” symptoms such as certain abnormal movements can be an acute stroke. Sudden hyperkinetic movements are a presentation of acute ischemic […]

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Stand up AFFIRM: Cardiff model translates injury into prevention: Emergency Medicine News

Figure: injury, violence prevention, cardiff model Figure We have all had cases. A 19-year-old alcoholic man presents with a severe laceration to his face and scalp following an assault involving broken glass. The triage nurse asks the usual questions: When did this happen? What was the weapon used? How old are you? Tetanic status? Etc. […]