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5 Tips for Selecting a Diabetes Research Expert | News Health & Medicine

To conduct proper diabetes research and get effective results, you need to select the right expert. A diabetes research expert can make all the difference in the outcome of your project. But how do you find a qualified expert in diabetes research? As you know, diabetes [and other relevant diseases] research is becoming very data driven. Now you can use a search engine to find peer-reviewed and influential scientific and academic experts in the research community. The power of the internet means you can use an expert database to find global experts who have published diabetes-related articles.

Tips for Selecting a Diabetes Research Expert

When looking for an expert in diabetes research, you need to make sure that you have selected the best. Here are some tips to help you select the best diabetes research expert on the market.

Use an academic search engine

Academic search engines like will allow you to search for experts based on their research papers and citations. When performing this search, be sure to include phrases such as “diabetes research” or “diabetes expert” in your search terms. Then use the advanced features of these websites to narrow down the results by year of publication and number of times cited.

Consider the background and expertise of the author

When evaluating a potential expert, consider their professional background and education, as well as the type of work they currently do. Also look for evidence of past successes in diabetes research or similar studies.

Contact your local hospitals

Ask hospital media relations if they have experts in your area of ​​interest. Many hospitals have diabetes centers that will direct you to the best diabetes experts. Although many of these centers focus on diabetes management and patient care, they often have a referral service that can connect you with other providers.

Discover professional associations

See a published list of health professionals on top health websites. A list can help you find a good doctor or other health care provider. News agencies usually have science reporters who write about diabetes research. You can find these stories through traditional news sources as well as online magazines that focus solely on health topics.

Ask your peers

Are there other people in your life who have worked with diabetes researchers? For example, do any of your friends or family members work in this field? If so, they can give you great suggestions on who to contact and how best to find the right person. Talk with friends and family members to help you ask for recommendations. Most people won’t recommend someone who doesn’t do their job well.


Various online resources can now be used to find influencers in the research community, especially for medical and scientific research. Researchers usually have their web pages that list their current research interests and include links to articles published on the web. This tool is useful for scholars researching diabetes in Indiaas well as journalists writing about diabetes research and policy makers interested in understanding diabetes research trends.

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