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Awards and Honors: Spring 2022 | News from the Department of Medicine

33 Stanford researchers named Chan Zuckerberg Biohub investigators

Congratulation to the 33 Stanford researchers (including several of our DOM colleagues) recently named as the latest cohort of Chan Zuckerberg BioHub investigators. Successful applicants receive $1 million in unrestricted donations over a non-renewable 5-year term ($200,000 per year), with a start date of March 1, 2022. See the list of Stanford recipients below.

Katrin Andreasson, MD

Zhenan Bao, Ph.D.

Jade Benjamin-Chung, Ph.D., MPH

Catherine Blish, MD, Ph.D.

Anne Brunet, Ph.D.

Thomas Clandinin, Ph.D.

Christina Curtis, Ph.D.

Jose Dinneny, Ph.D.

Jennifer Dionne, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Egan, MD, Ph.D.

Shirit Einav, MD

Stefano Ermon, Ph.D.

Michael Fischbach, Ph.D.

Polly Fordyce, Ph.D.

Emily Fox, Ph.D.

Pascal Geldsetzer, MD, Ph.D., MPH

Aaron Gitler, Ph.D.

Benjamin Good, Ph.D.

Carlos Guestrin, Ph.D.

KC Huang, Ph.D.

Aaron Newman, Ph.D.

Lucy O’Brien, Ph.D.

Sergiu Paşca, MD

Dmitry Petrov, Ph.D.

Joseph Puglisi, Ph.D.

Stanley Qi, Ph.D.

Jan Skotheim, Ph.D.

Mark Skylar-Scott, Ph.D.

Justin Sonnenburg, Ph.D.

Alice Ting, Ph.D.

Ellen Yeh, MD, Ph.D.

Serena Yeung, Ph.D.

James Zou, Ph.D.