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BMT Patient Meeting 2022 | News from the Department of Medicine

Since its founding in 1987 by the late Karl Blume, MD, the BMT Division has become an international leader and source of innovation in BMT and cell therapy treatments.

David MiklosMD, became Division Head in 2020, succeeding Robert NegrinMD, who held this position for 20 years from 2000. , explains Miklos.

“Our patients are our partners in all of our efforts,” he adds. “They are willing to undergo a high-risk transplant to get their lives back, and most want to share their experiences for the benefit of future patients.”

Crystal Mackall, MD, PhD, is the Ernest and Amelia Gallo Family Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, and Founding Director of the Stanford Center for Cancer Cell Therapy. She works closely with colleagues in the BMT and Cell Therapy division to create technologies to benefit small groups of patients in clinical trials, which can then be scaled up to innovative treatments for thousands of people. “We conduct ‘first in man’ clinical trials that teach us how and why a treatment works or doesn’t work,” says Miklos, “and then we go back to our colleagues in the lab to rethink our approach based on what we learn in these trials.

“Later, he continues, “pharmaceutical companies could expand our discoveries to provide these sophisticated new treatments to a larger population and to obtain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for these new drugs, such as CAR-T cell therapy”. He notes that the success of Stanford’s cell therapy research relies on the support of all areas of Stanford medicine: Stanford Hospital, Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and the Stanford School of Medicine.