Medicine student

Class of 2022 UConn School of Medicine Student & Faculty Awards

This year’s winners include:

South Park Inn Clinic (faculty price): Dr Jonathan Pendleton

Kaiser Permanente Teaching (Faculty Prize): Dr. Michael Baldwin

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine (Faculty Prize): Dr. Adam Perrin

Outstanding Inpatient Clinical Preceptor (Faculty Award): Dr. Jasmine Varughese

Outstanding Outpatient Clinical Preceptor (Faculty Award): Dr. John Waterman

Outstanding Educator (Faculty Award): Dr. Michael Baldwin

South Park Inn Clinic (2022 ONLY): Beth Sheil

James H. Foster, MD – Price of teaching: Elizabeth Rodier, Lisa Tamburini

Willms Pfeiffer Award for Excellence in Clinical Skills: Simon Archambault, Jacqueline Steele

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Awards: Brock Chimileski

CT Academy of Family Physicians Award – Family Medicine: Audrey De Fusco

Health Career Opportunity Programs – Bridge Mentoring Awards: Carla Rivera Perez, Klair Lubonja and Nurudeen Osuman

Carl F. Hinz, Jr. Award – For Excellence in Research in Medicine:Aaron Holmes

Internal Medicine Award – Medicine: Rati Srinivasan

Chapter CT – American College of Physicians Award: Jessica MaryBertenshaw

James FX Egan Award for Medical Students – OB/GYN Award: Kelsey Manfredi

New England Pediatric Society Award: Caity Miller

Linda Ives Award: Caity Miller

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Community Service Award: Xanthe Dimas

Excellence in Psychiatry Award: Carla Rivera Perez

American College of Surgeons CT Chapter: William Lambert

American Academy of Neurology Award: Crista Carty

JEC Walker, MD Medicine and Society Award: Jacqueline Steele (primary care) and Sandy Carpenter (public health)

UC Female Student Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2022: Kelly Tomasevitch

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine: Suleiman Abiola

School of Medicine Awards for Excellence in a Specific Discipline: Simon Archambault (ophthalmology), Tijesunimi “TJ” Oni (urology) and Robert Romano (doctor-researcher)

Overall Academic Excellence Award – Merit Award: Rhea Sindvani, Francine Zeng, Brett Chen, Christian Caceres and Roman Drozdowski

Student Affairs Award: Klair Lubonja

Deans Award for Overall Academic Achievement: Marisa Boch

University of Connecticut Health Center Auxiliary Award: Rose Emlein

Lyman Stowe Award – School of Medicine: Evelyne Luner

School of Medicine Professionalism Award: Brock Chimileski, Lauren Benedetto

Bulsara price: Devin Bageac

Leadership Award in MD/PhD Program: Michael Chung and Grace Kwon