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Karnataka: Passing Rate in Engineering and Medical Courses Has Increased in Last 5 Years | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Percentage of success in professional Classes in the state have increased over the past five years. Universities attribute the increase to liberal assessment and changes in the implementation of quizzes during the pandemic and general student performance.
According to data from Visvesvaraya University of Technology (SUV), the pass percentage for BE/BTech was 84 in 2021 and 81 in 2020. This was up from 2018’s pass percentage of 75.
“Over the years there has been an improvement in student performance in vocational education. I wouldn’t fully attribute the increase to the pandemic as we conducted offline exams. But the format of the quiz had changed following UGC’s instructions during the pandemic. Instead of asking students to answer one question from each of the five modules, they were given the option of answering five questions,” the VTU Vice Chancellor said. . Karisiddappa Explain.
Similarly, the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) also saw a similar increase in some courses. In May 2017, the pass percentage at BPharm was 44. The pass percentage in November 2021 was 76, an all-time high in five years.
The 2016 MBBS batch had a passing percentage of 82. In March 2021 it was 88% and in February 2022 it was 86%. Subspecialty courses saw 100% success in 2020 and 96% in 2021.
BDS, however, hasn’t seen much change. The BDS pass percentages were 83 and 84 in October 2020 and November 2021, respectively. In 2017, it was 81% and in 2018, 83%. In MDS, it touched 98% in June 2022.
“There was no official circular to make the assessment liberal. But the hardships students and faculty had to endure during the pandemic were recognized. For humanitarian reasons, faculty members were fair and fair to students,” said RGUHS Vice-Chancellor Dr MK Ramesh.
“Students could not see patients during this period. Practical work and learning suffered. But it was inevitable. No one could do anything about it. Students can now learn by joining postgraduate programs and get hands-on exhibit,” he said. underline.
However, in some other courses, the passing percentage remained more or less the same or decreased. Over 93% of Basic Nursing students passed the exam in November 2020 and 92% in November 2021.
It can be noted that the success percentages in SSLC and PU also increased during this period. The state government had officially announced that exams would be simplified and assessment liberalized.