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Ministry of Health relaxes COVID traditional medicine guidelines – News

Ministry of Health relaxes COVID traditional medicine guidelines – News – RTI Radio Taiwan International

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  • September 09, 2022

  • Staś Butler
Taiwan Chingguan Yihau, traditional medicine suggested by small clinical trial, helps prevent progression of COVID-19 to more severe disease. (Photo: ANC)

Taiwan’s health ministry has relaxed its rules on which COVID patients can get free doses of a new type of traditional medicine.

Originally, the herbal formula known as Taiwan Chingguan Yihau was only to be available to people in high-risk groups with confirmed cases of the disease.

But after a backlash from mainstream medicine groups, health officials expanded the criteria to include people with three symptom clusters. These are: people with a persistent fever of 39 degrees for two days, people with asthma who have developed a cough, and those with a severe sore throat who find it difficult to eat and drink.

From September 15, they and people in high-risk groups will be eligible for state-funded doses from Chingguan Yihau.

A small clinical trial recently showed that the herbal formula helps prevent patients’ COVID symptoms from worsening when used alongside conventional medicine.

The health authorities will carry out a review at the end of the month to decide whether or not to offer infant formula to pregnant women and children.


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