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Ryerson Announces Leadership Positions for the Establishment of the School of Medicine – News & Events

We are pleased to announce the appointments of Andrew Padmos as Director of Medical School Institution and Marcia Moshe as Senior Advisor to the Provost and Vice Provost Academic, MD Proposal Development of the Ryerson University School of Medicine, effective April 1, 2022 Both Andrew and Marcia have shown incredible commitment to creating an innovative school that reflects the rapidly growing Brampton area. We look forward to their continued leadership as work progresses on plans for Ontario’s first new medical school in 20 years.

Last month, the province confirmed its support for the proposed school, announcing that it will invest in 80 places for undergraduates and 95 places for postgraduates. The medical school will build on a strong foundation of health care expertise in Brampton and attract talent from diverse backgrounds while focusing on culturally sensitive approaches to health care.

Andrew Padmos, engine of growth, change and development

Throughout his career, Andrew has been a leader, innovator and manager of people, programs and projects. In his role, he will work with the Secretariat of the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CAFMC) to facilitate the development of the MD program and accreditation process and standards, and provide advice regarding the recruitment of the interim management team and support staff.

Andrew will also finalize the medical school’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy and action plan, with particular attention to reconciliation, decolonization, and values ​​and priorities. Aboriginal health strategies in collaboration with community partners. Finally, he will develop a clinical education strategy and business plan for the implementation of Ryerson’s integrated health team, and provide advice on stakeholder engagement in Peel Region.

Andrew is past president of the Canadian International Health and Education Association (CIHEA) and current chair of the Canada-UAE Business Council’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Working Group.

From 2010 to 2020 he was President and CEO of Royal College International, which is dedicated to international outreach and university partnerships, and from 2006 to 2019 he was CEO of the Royal College. There, he embarked on an ambitious program transforming postgraduate medical education, membership and volunteer programs, health policy and advocacy, external relations and international outreach through the multi-year “Competency By Design” project.

A graduate in political science and economics from the University of Toronto and in medicine from McMaster University, Andrew completed specialty training in internal medicine and hematology and practiced in Calgary, Riyadh, Kingston and Halifax while holding several positions leadership, including that of Commissioner of Cancer Care Nova Scotia.

Marcia Moshe, academic and administrative strategist

Marcia has a long history of planning and implementing key initiatives for academic institutions. In her role, she will provide strategic advice and guidance regarding the development of the new MD program proposal to the Vice-Rector and Vice-Rector Academic, as well as assist in navigating relevant Senate policies and external approvals. Most importantly, Marcia will advise the Provost on program development progress and requirements, with particular attention to appropriate committees. It will also assess alignment with the school’s EDI vision, mission, values, program goals, strategy and action plan.

From January 2021 to March 2022, Marcia served as Vice Chair of the Ryerson Medical School Planning Committee and Chair of the Academic Program Development Committee. Previously, she served for three years as Acting Vice-Rector Academic, where she led the development and implementation of a new undergraduate curriculum policy that revised the Tripartite Curriculum. university to include open electives.

Additionally, Marcia established the university’s Center of Excellence in Learning and Teaching, launched a multi-year planning initiative for classroom standards and improvements, and helped guide the Juris Doctor program through stages of development. from the program. She also served as Associate Dean of Arts for 10 years, during which she oversaw the launch and implementation of 10 new undergraduate programs in the social sciences and humanities.

Marcia is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson and the recipient of the 2016 Errol Aspevig Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership.

The future of medicine in Ontario

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the increased need for investment in provincial health care systems. Thus, future students and graduates of medical schools will make a vital contribution to creating a stronger and more resilient health care system.

Reflecting Ryerson’s core values, the school is anchored in five key pillars:

  1. Emphasize community-centred primary care and the social determinants of health.
  2. Provide more culturally sensitive care to communities.
  3. Leverage innovation and technology in practices to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.
  4. To provide future physicians with the skills to develop interdisciplinary health care networks to achieve better patient outcomes in communities.
  5. Focus on aging and support older people as a growing part of our society ages.

We are grateful that the leadership and collaboration of Andrew and Marcia will continue to propel Ryerson and the field of medicine into bold new territories. Please join us in congratulating them and wishing them every success in their new roles.

mohamed lachemi
President and Vice-Chancellor

Jennifer Simpson
Provost and vice-rector for studies