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The story of a San Juan medical student who rose to fame as one of the most talented people in the country

For him, it is not the most important to establish himself as the second best future doctor among hundreds of people in the country and to obtain scholarships in two major universities. For her, the most important thing is to be able to best represent the National University of Cordoba, the educational institution that trains her to become a doctor. It was Tomas Madrid Fernandez, 23, from San Juan, in his fifth year of medicine at the National University of Cordoba, who finished second in the 29th edition of the National Academic Olympiad of Medical Students.

The competition, which took place again after two years of inactivity due to the pandemic, is organized by the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Cordoba and It aims to bring together the best average students from each national university. It was held over the weekend in La Falda and brought together hundreds of students, the best average of seven universities: National University of Córdoba, National University of Cuyo, National University of La Plata, La Rioja, Rosario, Tucuman and National Northeast. university. AndHe entered this Cordovan institution with the best average of 15 students and finished second.

Tomas Madrid Fernández and Agustin Pérez Maturano, two residents of San Juan who are in the top ten of the best health professionals of the future

“I didn’t know that these Olympics existed and I was surprised by my second place because the best students go to the country, I wanted to be there to live the experience. What makes me happy is that leaving our university to represent it well, in the top 10 of the Olympics we put four of our students and it’s a barbaric pride “, expressed to the young man, pointing out that one of the four students who entered the top ten is from San Juan: Agustin Perez Maturano, who is also his friend and study partner. “We are satisfied with what has been achieved,” says Tomas, who was born in the capital city of San Juan.

Sanjuanino Madrid and Perez Maturano 10 best. are among

How did the competition develop? On Saturday morning, participants in the event had to take a proficiency test with 100 questions on the knowledge acquired in the basic cycle of a medical career, including general knowledge questions and questions from the English language.

“What I have achieved so far is thanks to my own efforts, logically this gap fills me with joy but it does not take me away from my goal, which is to be the best doctor possible”, says out loud Tomas Too, Specify that the drug is in the blood. It is that the future professional says that he inherited medicine from his paternal family, although at some point he thought of following in the footsteps of his father Eduardo Madrid in the study of civil engineering, that’s is his uncle Roberto Madrid, His grandfather was Rogelio Fernandez and a nobleman. friend, also a well-known doctor like Walter Storman, who tipped the balance to devote himself to health. “Medicine has a lot of meaning in the family,” he says.

The story of a San Juan medical student who rose to fame as one of the most talented people in the country

“When I started my studies I wanted to be a civil engineer because I loved physics and maths, but they stopped showing me medicine and I came to this beautiful world that I don’t regret. It was the best decision I could make. Because every day, I set myself the goal of being professional. I am passionate about medicine and my passion for the profession,” says Madrid, who still has a year left in her career and then decides which branch of medicine to pursue: “I want to do heart surgery. Wish is something I actually do. I like it,” he says.

The young future professional who had to leave rugby in San Juan Rugby to be able to devote himself entirely to medicine, chose to settle in Cordoba because that is where his relatives were received. In addition, the person who had previously studied at Central University College, which he thanked for giving him the “tools to study”, placed second in the Olympics, a scholarship to an accredited university in the States -United. box. In addition to the scholarship at the National University of Corrientes, Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires. “Since I started studying, no one has given me anything and any scholarship I get for merit will be of particular value to continue the training that I am passionate about”, Expressed the young talent of San Juan who would surely triumph in the field of medicine in a few years.