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Wales: Chinese medicine student dies after eating poisonous leaves

Lily Sneade, 33, died after cardiac arrest (Picture: Wales News Service)

A woman ended her life by eating poisonous leaves, an inquest has heard.

Lily Sneade, 33, from Newport, South Wales, studied Chinese herbal medicine at university and died after researching certain plants.

She was rushed to hospital after alerting her family and they tried to make her vomit.

But on her way to A&E, Lily started having seizures, went into cardiac arrest, and couldn’t be saved when she arrived.

Lily had told her family members that she planned to kill herself that day in November 2021.

His internet search history revealed a list of poisonous plants and how to find them.

A post-mortem toxicology report revealed four compounds linked to poisonous leaves in his system.

He revealed that she died of ‘acute cardiorespiratory depression secondary to poisoning’.

Lily suffered from PTSD, hypervigilance, anxiety, depression and had had suicidal thoughts.

Coroner Paul Bennett recorded a conclusion of suicide.

He said: ‘Miss Sneade clearly consumed a quantity of the leaves, the consequence was unfortunately fatal.

“Miss Sneade had ongoing mental health issues that she had previously self-harmed and there had been a previous suicide attempt.

“I am convinced that she intended to commit suicide and took these actions by consuming the leaves. There was very little that could have been done to prevent his death.

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